Employee Spotlight: Robin Conner

Employee Spotlight: Robin Conner

One of Blue dot’s latest key hires, Robin Conner is Vice President of Global Demand Generation, part of a new core team of tax industry veterans focused on growing the company’s presence in North America.

Robin comes to Blue dot with 20 years of marketing experience, a career in which she’s helped companies of all sizes better themselves at both a micro and macro level by increasing market share, reach and customer engagement. She believes that the key to tackling new challenges is to never give up, but to dig in and collaborate with her team to find innovative and exciting solutions. 

Before joining Blue dot, Robin worked as vice president of marketing at Quantivate, where she completely revamped the marketing organization to increase top-line revenue growth. She has also held many other leadership roles in the procurement and compliance space, including a position as Director of Marketing for emerging business at Avalara. In her role at Blue dot, she will help shape the way the “company store” (what she calls the website) looks and feels while nurturing demand for its services in all channels.

Inspired by the Blue dot mission of connecting the dots in the end user payment era, Robin says that technology is a salve for the enormously disrupted and decentralized nature of the payment chain in a post-pandemic world. She was originally drawn to the company because of its goal of eliminating the burden of tax management for businesses. This will grow increasingly essential, she says, as fully remote employees become increasingly normalized and more employers engage with the growing gig economy. 

As an example, in her own position as a fully remote employee, Robin will often employ contractors through platforms such as Upwork. Traditionally, this work would have been wholly centralized within an employment agency and facilitated by human resources. Robin says that this technological advancement in the consumer space must be met by similar updates in our compliance processes for businesses.

For all the complications that the advent of remote work has brought, Robin says she appreciates the effect the changes have had on work culture, especially in her new position. The ability to work fully remote means she can start her day from anywhere in the early morning, hold meetings with executives on the other side of the world and still be able to pick her kids up from school.

Robin is mother to two children, aged 11 and 14. Off the clock, she enjoys spending time with her family. Her greatest inspiration in life, she says, are the risk-takers – those entrepreneurial spirits who have a single-minded vision and aren’t afraid to jump in with both feet. She especially admires the story of Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, for the perseverance she showed in building her brand and her consistent philanthropy after finding success. Here are a few other fun facts about Robin:

About Robin

Favorite book – Pride and Prejudice

Favorite food – Tacos and crab (but not together!)

Favorite song – Anything by Adele

Favorite color – Red

Favorite animal – Cats

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