Joining the Blue dot journey as VP of Global Sales

Joining the Blue dot journey as VP of Global Sales

Having spent the last eight years of my career helping various organizations with compliance and process management challenges, from applying automation to sales and use tax here in the US, to leading sales teams at Avalara, and more recently the process of automating AP and AR payment workflows with KeyBank, I can safely say that I’m really excited to join Blue dot as VP of Global Sales, and about Blue dot innovation to solve often overlooked areas of tax compliance leveraging unique technology.

Manual processes generally detract from businesses trying to scale, adapt and compete.  In a digital age, technology should inevitably be applied to automate processes and, wherever possible, eliminate archaic workflows. Automation such as Blue dot offers an alternative, enabling businesses to reapply resources to activities and investments that generate profit and income rather than dealing with compliance activities that are costly for the organization, and come at a cost to doing business.

When it comes to tax compliance of various forms, a business can spend a fortune trying to get it right and still fail or write off funds that are rightfully theirs.  After all, it’s in the interests of tax authorities to create complexity to reduce the likelihood of successful reclaims and increase the likelihood of punitive audits to grow their revenues. To that end, tax authorities are now investing in technology and have expanded their use of advanced tools in audits, making efficient and dependable processes more critical than ever.

In tandem with this increasing complexity, businesses worldwide are now witnessing accelerated growth in consumer-style spend like never before. The demands and pace of our digital world and the competitive nature in which we all operate lead businesses to write off more recoverable tax, allocate increasingly more resources and accept higher risk. This is also due to the complexities of managing the growing and constantly changing tax requirements we see today and expect tomorrow.  Our dynamic environment creates similar challenges with Taxable Employee Benefits, where a business has an imperative to ensure accuracy – to take care of the staff as well as to maintain compliance.

Blue dot is disrupting the market and revolutionizing VAT reclaim as well as Taxable Employee Benefits.  We take what was traditionally an expensive service often reserved for large companies with deep pockets, and leverage game-changing proprietary technology in an all-in-one tax compliance platform. Through our platform’s AI ‘brain’, Blue dot provides a more consistent, accurate, faster, more scalable and cost-effective SaaS-based automation solution to these problems while maintaining the highest level of process integrity.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Blue dot journey, helping to deliver our AI platform to organizations just like yours worldwide. I look forward to working with you to reduce and replace your costly manual processes, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your business today and in the future.

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