Welcome to Blue dot: Erich Keller

Welcome to Blue dot: Erich Keller

Part of Blue dot’s rapidly expanding U.S. team, Erich Keller is the company’s new senior sales manager for the United States.

Erich comes to Blue dot following roles in partner sales and emerging markets at Avalara. His other previous positions include sales management roles at Icertis and Technogym. He was drawn to Blue dot by its technology-focused solutions and overall value proposition. He says that he loves challenges and wants to be a part of building Blue dot into something truly special.

Passionate about automation, Erich says he finds Blue dot’s mission – connecting dots using technology to complete the transactional story – very appealing. Doing taxes is a burden that many people would be happier without, he says, so it makes sense to let technology take over what is a fairly unpopular and risk-prone responsibility. By automating the process, Blue dot is able to remove risk from the equation while also streamlining work for everyone involved, leaving them free to focus on other aspects of life and business – a vision Erich says he is inclined to work hard to help fulfil.

Though Erich is working fully remote and is a brand-new member to the team, he is quickly settling in with like-minded members of the team. “As a remote employee that just started, I am still learning the Blue dot culture,” Erich said. “However, what I have experienced thus far is a group of dedicated, kind and intelligent professionals that want to do something special and are eager to help.”

Throughout his career, Erich has honed his skills as a self-proclaimed “tax geek” by helping companies adopt solutions to become more tax compliant. Now, he’s ready to help pass the reins of compliance over to technology. To that end, his responsibility in his new role at Blue dot will be introducing the company’s solutions to a growing audience in the United States.

Erich says that his greatest source of inspiration is his family. A secondary source of motivation, he says, comes from within – a drive to consistently challenge himself to do better and better.

In his free time, Erich enjoys all manner of physical activities – his favorites are cycling, golfing and strength training.


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