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Blue dot integration to Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Expense Management solution automates and simplifies the entire expense cycle, including reporting, submission and approval, while integrating with project accounting and invoicing. NetSuite Expense Management makes it easy to seamlessly track and submit expenses for rapid reimbursement and client billing by managing the entire process in a single solution.

Blue dot Works With Oracle NetSuite

Blue dot’s enterprise tax compliance platform seamlessly integrates with Oracle NetSuite Expense Management system, automating the entire TEB and VAT recovery reporting process. Blue dot eliminates the manual review process by cross-checking 100% of all expenses, providing detailed reporting on Domestic VAT Recovery (DVR), Foreign VAT Recovery (FVR), and fringe benefit expenses.

Blue dot to Oracle NetSuite Integration

Blue dot solutions integrate with Oracle NetSuite Expense Management via REST API. Here is how it the integration connection is established:

  1. The customer opens a ticket in NetSuite asking to enable their data to Blue dot.

  2. They sign a 3rd party data release form in NetSuite.

  3. Once this is done, they receive a set of API keys

  4. The API keys are used with Blue dot’s pre-approved certified app to pull and process data.

  5. The system uses the NetSuite API to access the information.

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