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“More and more, organizations are looking to technology advancements to cope with the ever-changing challenges of global business…

With a platform that offers coverage in both the VAT and taxable employee benefit spaces, Blue dot is positioned to address the new working norm in the post-COVID world.”

– Kevin Permenter

Senior Research Analyst at IDC


Modern employee spend is on the rise as the new normal

The world is witnessing an explosive growth of employee triggered transactions: Hybrid work, P Cards, decentralized purchasing and online consumption – employees are buying more than ever before – finance teams are left with the implications arising from the unstructured nature of those transactions.

The Employee Spend Compliance gap is disrupting tax compliance efforts for organizations worldwide

Data integrity is at harm: Incomplete data and missing procurement checks

23% of expense report items are incorrect for tax purposes. Incomplete mandatory data alongside missing checks and calculations are prolific, streaming through companys’ financial systems, jeopardizing data integrity.

Finance and tax teams are overloaded with manual labor

Finance teams  must complete and validate missing information, understand each transaction, and apply country-specific tax rules while documenting the audit trail for authorities. This comes with endless hours of complex manual labor, messy Excel sheets and increased error rates.

Increased Compliance Risk

As purchase and expenditure controls shift away from centralized finance, errors and incomplete data are magnified as traditional checks and approvals are replaced with unstructured financial transactions. Small errors and inaccurate filings soon magnify into significant risk.

Blue dot’s platform helps you understand employee transactions while empowering finance teams with effortless compliance, peace of mind and audit readiness.

Introducing the world’s leading AI tax compliance platform for modern employee spend

Our award-winning technology

Optimised VAT outcomes in full compliance

Calculate and identify any eligible and qualified VAT spend along with countries’ tax regulations and company policy by leveraging an automated AI and ML-powered application to ensure a compliant domestic VAT posting and foreign VAT refund.

Full automation of the Taxable Employee Benefits review process

Enjoy the required level of checks, controls, and calculations of consumer-style spend subject to taxable employee benefits. Using an AI-driven application that analyses the spend that is subject to wage taxation or specific pay-as-you-earn reporting.

Learn more about digitalized compliance automation for modern employee spend

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