Blue dot platform

The world’s leading deep AI tax compliance platform

A Centralised, Standardised & Digitalised Platform

Blue dot patented technology provides a 360° view into all employee-driven transactions, ensuring tax compliance and reducing tax vulnerabilities for consumer-style spend across the enterprise.

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Blue dot Tax Compliance Platform


Tax Knowledge Base

Automatically updated


Configurable Rule Engines

Unlimited scale


Full Auditing of Transactions

100% predictability

Transactional data:
Extract > Validate > Match > Enrich > Annotate

Blue dot Tax Compliance Solution is driven by AI and ML capabilities

Harness the power of AI – including Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing – while leveraging external data sources and historical data to create an end-to-end story of each employee-driven transaction

Blue dot’s Solutions:



Identifies and calculates any eligible and qualified VAT spend based on the respective countries’ tax regulations, court decisions, any companies’ tax ruling and specific business requirements.



Detects and analyses consumer-style spend that is subject to TEB (and required wage tax payment from the company or the employee) and impacts the wage tax report.



Checks, controls and calculates consumer-style spend that is subject to CIT (not considered a business expense for CIT purposes) and impacts the CIT report and payment.

The Blue dot advanced E2E workflow

Blue dot effortlessly integrates with your expense management workflow by ingesting approved expense reports, scanned images, and supporting evidence, to check, validate and corroborate the business justification supporting your data. A proprietary suite of checks and data enrichment tools, tax rules and regulatory compliance assessments are then applied. From here, your periodic data output files can be hosted, managed, reviewed and downloaded for onward processing into your established systems.

Connecting the dots, so you don’t have to.
Tomorrow’s technology is here today.

Unique to our AI solution, Blue dot’s technology exceeds simplistic machine learning models, by fully deconstructing the transactional evidence, before reconstructing the information in a transactional context. Far beyond traditional anomaly detection and key word identification, Blue dot ‘s AI constructs the multi-level semantic knowledge graph. This holistic approach reflects the entire informational journey, to arrive at event conclusions with confidence, precision, and clarity.

Inbuilt tax – rules, knowledge expertise, and best practices

Process 100% of your transactions – extracting, validating, matching, enriching and annotating the data for optimal compliance. A team of tax and finance experts ensures that rules, and regulatory settings are maintained and calibrated for always up-to-date alignment with industry standards. As your transactional data proceeds through the workflow, you’ll have the power to fine-tune specific settings to align with your company policy or local tax authority agreements.

Audit-ready output with the power to customize your integration

Our proprietary configuration tool enables optimization, globally and by country. The ability for your tax function to customize the configuration of tax-posting, taxable rules, or user-permission settings at the local level, is key to ensuring full compliance while retaining total control. To underpin this flexible, yet robust and compliant environment, Blue dot incorporates a secure audit-trail functionality, built into the data workflow – for audit readiness anytime, from anywhere.

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