Integration – Mobliexpense

Blue dot integration to Mobilexpense

Mobilexpense is an all-in-one expense management solution which eliminates the hassle of managing expenses while ensuring compliance with your company policies and local rules and regulations.

Blue dot Works With Mobilexpense

Blue dot’s enterprise tax compliance platform seamlessly integrates with Mobilexpense, automating the entire TEB and VAT recovery reporting process. Blue dot eliminates the manual review process by cross-checking 100% of all expenses, providing detailed reporting on Domestic VAT Recovery (DVR), Foreign VAT Recovery (FVR), and fringe benefit expenses.

Blue dot to Mobilexpense Integration

An established secure data connection between Mobile expense and Blue dot enables customers to use the Blue dot services in a seamless way. To enable this, customers need to approach Mobilexpense and ask to expose their data to Blue dot which will then enable the processing and compliance service.

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