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Blue dot integration to Expensify

Expensify is a software company that develops an expense management system for personal and business use. The Expensify app tracks and files expenses such as fuel, travel, and meals; once users photograph receipts, artificial intelligence identifies the merchant, date and amount of the transaction, then automatically categorizes and saves the expense. It also allows users to create receipts from online purchases that can be submitted for reimbursement.

Blue dot Works With Expensify

Blue dot’s enterprise tax compliance platform seamlessly integrates with the Expensify expense management system, automating the entire TEB and VAT recovery reporting process. Blue dot eliminates the manual review process by cross-checking 100% of all expenses, providing detailed reporting on Domestic VAT Recovery (DVR), Foreign VAT Recovery (FVR), and fringe benefit expenses.

Blue dot to Expensify Integration

Blue dot solutions integrate with Expensify via Expensify’s proprietary API. Here is how it the integration connection is established:

  • Create an Expensify account at

  • Go to

  • A pair of credentials: partnerUserID and partnerUserSecret will be generated and shown on the page.

  • These should be provided to Blue dot to establish the secure link

  • Following that and some additional setup the system can start fetching and processing expense reports

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