Blue dot expanded alliance with PwC

Effortless Compliance for VAT Recovery and Taxable Employee Benefits

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Intelligent knowledge-based automation for visibility, compliance, and data integrity

PwC’s alliance with Blue dot provides a market-leading unified solution, fusing Blue dot’s cutting-edge, AI-driven technology suite with PwC’s extensive local tax and automation knowledge on an integrated and scalable platform. This unique joint offering enables PwC clients to benefit from Blue dot’s VAT Reclamation and Taxable Employee Benefit platform together with PwC’s Indirect Tax Edge Solution, for effortless local and global compliance support with exciting technology features:


Reduces the time to source data: API technology connects with the major expenses and ERP systems, reducing the pain of data collection and allowing real-time analysis.


Improves data quality: AI-enabled image reading technology enables better quality data, improved validation and easier manual review, for more robust tax decision-making.


Easy to implement: ‘Out of the box’ legislative rules for several countries, which means efficient configuration for each client/country.

How does it work?

The Blue dot tax compliance platform harnesses digitisation, tax compliance and automation to process and analyse a company’s employee spend data for VAT and taxable employee benefits in real time.

Blue dot automatically integrates with your EMS system. It analyses the invoices and processes them in accordance with the different laws and regulations per country, taking the collected data – invoices, employee expense reports, and attached receipts – and turning it into a comprehensive and validated transactional data set. Every piece of information is extracted from the attached receipt using computer vision and AI, and then matched with the employee’s reporting side. After the full audit and compliance process is completed, the data is seamlessly exported back into your EMS system.

PwC’s automated platform performs transactional tax compliance, data and process quality management and compliance reporting in a single application, backed by PwC’s global network. The integrated data-analytics driven solution delivers enhanced management insights and control of operational tax risk, providing greater visibility and increased transparency.

As a PwC client, Blue dot supports VAT recovery and determining
taxable employee benefits related
to employee expenses for
countries all around the globe.

Blue dot’s integration with the
Indirect Tax Edge Platform
enables organisations to
automate and recover VAT taxes.

VAT Reclamation/
Fringe Benefit Processing Engine


API key created, access to Blue dot Engine established for data extraction.


Invoices checked for VAT/
GST recovery or fringe
benefit outcome.


Review transactions and process exceptions.


Reports created for
recovery of VAT/GST from
appropriate taxing authority
or review taxable events for
fringe benefit compliance.


Highest VAT recovery revenues
Fully digitalised, saving you time and reduction in errors and lower processing costs
Highest level of governance and compliance
Remove human error from governance and compliance
Taxable Employee Benefits
Fully automated, allowing companies to review more transactions with fewer resources, saving time and money
Artificial intelligence that perfects invoice reading (OCR) and matching
Unprecedented data integrity and validation
Real-time validation and calculations based on country requirements and company policy

Your benefits


Smooth integration with all ERP and expense management applications, ensuring rapid setup, flawless data consolidation and mapping


Insightful analytics including pattern analysis, segmentation, record retrieval, user-friendly reports, detailed audit trails, and more


Updated VAT knowledge base with all applicable rules and regulations, best practices across all domestic and national jurisdictions updated in real time


State-of-the-art information security and privacy


Manage all indirect taxes and compliance obligations in a unified technology solution

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