Integration – Neo

Blue dot integration to Neo

Neo enables finance teams to manage all travel and expense processes in a single management software system. Neo makes your business travel program more efficient by having a single location where travel management teams can access travel and expense policies while travelers can book end-to-end travel and submit expense claims.

Blue dot Works With Neo

Blue dot’s enterprise tax compliance platform seamlessly integrates with the Neo travel expense management tool, automating the entire TEB and VAT recovery reporting process. Blue dot eliminates the manual review process by cross-checking 100% of all expenses, providing detailed reporting on Domestic VAT Recovery (DVR), Foreign VAT Recovery (FVR), and fringe benefit expenses.

Blue dot to Neo Integration

The Neo integration is based on exported data files. The KDS system exports data of selected customers into a dedicated FTP that is open to our system. Blue dot’s scripted based system periodically fetches this data into an upload server.

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