VAT assurance powered by VATBox

  • Benefit from a breakdown of your invoices and VAT reclaims, and gain an in-depth overview of all VAT reclaim statuses
  • Easily navigate to the different sections of the VATBox Portal to gain insight into your transactional data and VAT submissions
  • Exploit the available business applications to optimise and increase your VAT recovery potential

VAT Potential Analytics

  • Gain insights based on past trends of submitted VAT refund requests vs actual refunded VAT
  • Benchmark your company against your industry average number of disqualified requests
  • Compare invoice data with expense records to determine their validity using Blue dot Matcher®

Compliance Assurance

  • Gain insights into gap trends and learn where to focus your compliance efforts based on previous conflicts
  • Ensure the highest compliance rate by using our triple QA mechanism to extract, match and analyse every invoice
  • Leverage powerful analytics and actionable insights that support informed data-driven decisions while ensuring full compliance with tax and financial authorities

Tax Tailor

  • Optimise your domestic VAT recovery potential and boost your savings
  • Adjust the strictness of your domestic VAT/GST returns based on your company policy and rulings with the tax authorities while maintaining full compliance
  • Reduce risks and improve compliance by resolving inquiries with minimal intervention

Vendor Analysis

  • Gain a clear view of your vendors’ performance, broken down by expense types and spend trends
  • Understand who your top vendors are, based on the number of transactions, amounts spent, and overall performance
  • See the distribution of your spend amounts by destination countries

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