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Blue dot integration to Tipalti

Tipalti automates accounts payable, procurement and global payments for businesses. It streamlines day-to-day operations with game-changing payables automation that enables businesses to rapidly scale and adapt to changing business needs, accelerate business visibility, and strengthen fraud, financial, cost, and cash controls.

Blue dot Works With Tipalti

Blue dot’s enterprise tax compliance platform seamlessly integrates with the Tipalti expense management system, automating the entire TEB and VAT recovery reporting process. Blue dot eliminates the manual review process by cross-checking 100% of all expenses, providing detailed reporting on Domestic VAT Recovery (DVR), Foreign VAT Recovery (FVR), and fringe benefit expenses.

Blue dot to Tipalti Integration

Blue dot solutions connect to Tipalti via Tipalti’s Supplier Payments API. It features separate API calls for payer and payee functions. Tipalti API calls, including calls to obtain a short-term key, are white-listed and authenticated for maximum security with cryptographic signature of the API parameters. Keys contain a randomizing component so repeat calls have different keys with a limited lifetime. IP restrictions provide another layer of security, giving you confidence that all API calls are completely secure.

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