Integration – Chrome River

Blue dot integration to Chrome River

Chrome River is a suite of solutions addressing the challenges finance leaders encounter every day while driving up operational efficiency.

Chrome River is “Designed for complex enterprises, higher education, and professional services. Emburse Chrome River offers globally-focused expense management and accounts payable automation solutions designed to fuel your evolving enterprise needs.” The Expense solution is one of the components of the Chrome River suite which is the one supported by Blue dot.

Onboarding Essentials

Customers who wish to connect their systems to Blue dot need to provide the access credentials required for secure permission and authentication. The customer can get the credentials by opening a support ticket in Emburse asking to enable the data access to Blue dot.

Following that the customer needs to sign a 3rd party data release form in Emburse. Once this is done, the customer gets a set of API keys that need to be provided to Blue dot in addition to the 4-digit customer number (an ID of the account inside Emburse). The Blue dot service desk will then create a secure connection to the Emburse customer account.

Once entities are set up in Blue dot they are activated and the data processing starts. Results can be seen in the dedicated portal,as well as,periodic available reports.

Data Pipeline Highlights

Data collected from external sources such as Emburse follows the following steps:

  • Periodic data fetching into the Blue dot cloud domain

  • Mapping and normalizing

  • First level filtering – application, entities/companies in scope, countries,and report dates. Only data that is included in the defined scope will move to the next steps.

  • Images processing –including crop (if required), OCRs, ML models and AI, Conclusions, inspection/QC

  • Matching – pairing and matching between images and lines

  • VAT exclusion rules / TEB rules

  • Eligibility analysis for VAT / and or TEB calculations

  • VAT qualification rules / and compliance

  • QC sampling, auditing, and association with relevant reports

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