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Blue dot – Award Winning Multi-Product SAP Concur Solution Extension Partner

Leading-edge technology, uniquely embedded into the Concur workflow

Blue dot has been exclusively selected by SAP Concur to integrate and deliver to their Travel & Expense customers as Concur Tax Assurance and Concur Benefits Assurance. Our centralized, standardized and digitalised employee driven spend automation for taxable benefits & VAT compliance, and VAT recovery will now be available to all SAP Concur customers to help support their global tax compliance and maximize operational efficiency.

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Blue dot expands SAP Concur partnership to offer “Tax Assurance” on VAT Compliance

The launch of SAP Concur® Tax Assurance by Blue dot unlocks a wealth of opportunity and addresses the VAT/GST compliance challenges faced by business leaders everywhere. SAP Concur announced the new product and the value it brings to customers in the following article.

Blue dot and SAP Concur celebrate a second successful product launch, with the announcement of Concur Benefits Assurance by Blue dot

In addition to identifying taxable items in an expense report, Concur Benefits Assurance by Blue dot also provides visibility into spend for a better understanding of the cost of these taxable employee benefits and the implications of different policy decisions. SAP Concur announced the new product and the value it brings to customers, in the following article.

Blue dot named SAP Concur Partner Growth Award Winnerz

The 2022 SAP Concur Partner Summit included a prestigious milestone for distinguished award winners, with Blue dot winning the prestigious growth award following the first full year of availability for the SAP Concur Tax Assurance Solution Extension. With hundreds of SAP Concur customers enrolled, the market for VAT/GST Compliance & Recovery continues to be redefined in the age of accelerating employee driven spend.

Data Visibility & Digitalisation: The Future of VAT Reclaims on Travel & Expenses

Watch this joint webinar by VATBox and SAP Concur and learn how to achieve unparalleled compliance and eliminate the complexities of the VAT and GST recovery process. Martin Leonard, SAP Concur’s EMEA FSI Director, and Mark Stirling, VATBox’s GM & VP EMEA, explain how to leverage their combined end-to-end-solution on a global scale.

[Joint webinar] Your savings are written in the stars

Learn how to reduce costs and gain greater control of supplier invoices. In this webinar hosted by SAP Concur and VATBox, you will learn about the advantages of automating the invoice process and how to increase your profitability with invoice management software.

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