Online Value-Added Tax (VAT) Reclaim Calculator

Online Value-Added Tax (VAT) Reclaim Calculator

VAT Calculator: Discover the reclaimable VAT & GST hidden in your employee expenditures

VAT rates and regulations are constantly changing per country – But with Blue dot’s VAT calculator you can accurately calculate how much VAT (Value Added Tax) you can reclaim from all your employee-generated invoices or receipts.

The Blue dot calculator improves compliance with global tax regulations and maximises Value-Added Tax (VAT) reclaim through VATBox’s AI-powered and VAT compliance platform. This calculator uses your inputs and industry expertise to estimate the available VAT reclamation opportunity.

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If you don`t know your company T&E spend, then a good approximation would be to use 1% of annual turnover!

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How much does your company spend annually on T&E?

How much of your T&E goes towards international flights?

What percentage of travelled countries does VAT not apply

How much of your total spend is not eligible for VAT reclaim?

Percentage of receips submitted for VAT that are disqualified?

The explosion of employee-driven spend is making VAT compliance complex & costly for businesses worldwide

SAP Concur’s survey of over 3,500 finance leaders shows that 54% of eligible VAT was left unclaimed by businesses in 2021. That’s €33.3 billion. Why are companies forfeiting millions?

The explosion of employee-driven transactions in recent years has flooded finance and tax teams with resource-intensive, inefficient, manual procedures.

Managing this new reality with outdated manual processes results in missing or incorrect data and inevitable human errors, resulting in:

  • Costly and inefficient operations
  • Hundreds of thousands of euros in eligible VAT left unclaimed
  • Disqualified returns and increased compliance risks

Maximum VAT recovery & effortless compliance with VATBox

VATBox combines advanced AI and machine learning models to automatically identify and calculate every single transaction that’s eligible for reclaim in line with your company policy and maintains a continuously updated database of VAT taxation rules per country embedded into the platform.

Global organisations are taking the burden and risk out of VAT reclaims with VATBox and:

  • Automatically improving compliance levels
  • Reducing operational costs 
  • Recouping the maximum amount of reclaimable VAT
  • Increasing efficiency of their entire VAT reporting process end-to-end

Have More Questions About Managing VAT Recovery for Your Business?

Instead of simply adding VAT or GST to the expense account, businesses should aim to receive a refund from the relevant authorities. Have more questions about how to manage your VAT reclaims? Follow these steps to understand how you can effortlessly calculate and recover VAT and GST taxes with the help of Blue dot.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is an additional tax imposed on the value of a purchase. The rate of VAT varies depending on the type of purchase, whether it is a necessity like bread and water or a regular or luxury item such as a mobile phone or fuel. GST operates on similar principles but may have a different name in certain countries.

Determining whether you can claim VAT or GST can be a bit complex. However, we aim to simplify the process for you. As a general rule, if you are a business making purchases for business purposes and your sales are subject to VAT, GST, Sales Tax, or Consumption Tax, you are likely eligible to claim the VAT you have paid on your purchases.

VAT is applicable to a wide range of expenses. Whether you are on a business trip, taking a taxi, parking your car, treating a business guest to dinner, or staying in a hotel, most of these charges will likely include VAT. Even when working from home, certain expenses may still attract VAT.

VAT is not limited to Europe alone. It is prevalent in numerous countries worldwide, including Latin America, Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and even Africa. The United States is an exception, as it implements a Sales Tax system that does not allow for VAT reclamation.

Now comes the exciting part—how to reclaim VAT! When travelling overseas, there are agreements between countries that enable you to claim some or all of the VAT you have paid. To do this, you must submit a refund application in the countries you visited. However, if you made purchases within your own country or online, it is crucial to provide your finance team with all the necessary details to claim VAT from local tax authorities.

What can our tax solutions do for you? Don’t hesitate to book a demo in less than a minute here.

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