Blue dot integration to Rydoo

Blue dot integration to Rydoo

Blue dot’s tax compliance platform automates the corporate employee benefits and VAT reclaim processes, seamlessly integrated with the Rydoo expense management system. The technology-based platform provides unprecedented control within the Rydoo workflow, streamlining, simplifying, and accelerating financial processes. The effective and efficient platform crosschecks 100% of all transactions for complete visibility into taxable spend, providing accurate cross-enterprise reporting on global fringe benefit expenses and domestic and foreign VAT recovery.

AI-powered effortless tax compliance

Blue dot leverages smart AI and ML technologies to review and confirm the accuracy of expense receipts across multiple countries and employees, through data extraction, validation and matching, providing powerful analytic capabilities and insights. Blue dot’s always updated database of global rules and regulations ensures compliance with the latest tax and business regulations in an ever-changing tax landscape.

Simple and secure financial processes

Blue dot improves visibility into taxable spend with smooth and simple integration. The platform transforms manual, decentralized verification processes into a centralized, automated operation, providing unprecedented data integrity and reporting accuracy. Blue dot imports client expense data provided by Rydoo in an adjustable sequence of daily API calls, providing secure authentication based on OAuth 2.0 (or any other mechanism).

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