Enterprise VAT Technology Guide: How to Simplify VAT Compliance & Maximise Returns with Advanced AI


Inefficient & complex invoice validation posed by multiple EMS systems

Lack of resources and knowledge to cover VAT rules around the globe

Risk and exposure due to incomplete, error-prone manual processes


Optimised VAT recovery process - Fully digitalised

60% higher level of compliance & reduced audit risk

Over 5,000 workforce hours saved due to enhanced operational efficiency

Full visibility and insights via a centralised workflow

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How to Simplify Compliance & Maximise VAT Returns with Advanced AI

Introduction: Understanding Your Global VAT Potential Requires A Technology-driven Approach:

Meeting changing regulatory and market challenges in today’s digital economy has made technology-driven VAT management a critical business need for effective control of VAT recovery and compliance. Finding the proper tech solution that intelligently and accurately analyses invoices and expense reports for eligible VAT reclaim, automates high-volume and low-value manual tasks, and enables accurate and transparent record keeping and submissions is no easy task – but helps enterprises worldwide to optimise recovery while meeting digitalised reporting and compliance requirements.

Advanced breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed the global tax landscape and enhanced efficiency, helping reduce human errors and disqualified claims, minimise audit risks, improve visibility and control, and simplify the VAT management process end-to-end. The only truly AI-driven, centralised, and audit-ready platform built for global enterprises, Blue dot has developed VATBox – a unique generative AI solution built specifically to solve the data problem at the heart of VAT management processes and enable them to meet today’s digitalised tax reporting obligations – ensuring effortless compliance and optimised recovery.

This guide examines the challenges complicating VAT management, the essential requirements needed to solve them, and the benefits enterprises can gain in partnering with a true technology-driven approach to enable centralised, digital VAT recovery.

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