Digital Nomads Grow 49% YOY from 2019 to 2020

The Blue dot Team

Business travel, once the realm of sales professionals and global management, is now mainstream with many employees setting up shop on their own, working from home one month, in New York another, and joining the family on vacation in Europe for a month during the summer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the concept of where employees can be successful and companies must accommodate remote flexibility in order to retain talent.  Adjusting your remote work policy is key – and doing so in such a way to mitigate risk is essential.

Regulations Get More Complex

Teams in Human Resources, Travel including relocation expenses taxable to employee, Expense and Accounting must work together to ensure compliance – and proper compliance relies on properly qualified and enriched data, consistent rules management and deployment across all systems, and correct allocation and archiving for tax authorities to mitigate future audit risk.

Blue dot CEO, Isaac Saft discusses these items in a contributed article in Business Travel News. Check out the article and learn how Ford Motor Company addresses these challenges and what you can do to help streamline your processes. 

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