Blue dot for Coupa customers: A trusted solution for global VAT compliance and taxable employee/fringe benefits automation

The Blue dot Team

Navigating the complexities of today’s tax landscape requires the flexibility and adaptability to meet current and future compliance challenges. Facing shifting global tax regulations and business requirements, the growing need for informed decision-making and accurate reporting compounded by the vast amount of data that businesses have to wade through, makes the need for automation even more critical in today’s tax reporting reality.
Blue dot, a global leader in the tax tech arena, is a pioneer in digital tax transformation, with innovative solutions and automation tools that maximise savings while reducing risk and tax vulnerabilities. Offering a new approach to VAT recovery and taxable employee/fringe benefits, Blue dot’s partnership with Coupa integrates a unique platform that supports employee-driven spend, leveraging automation and technology to simplify and streamline processes in expense management and tax compliance.

Powered by artificial intelligence – tailored to Coupa customer needs

With a focus on the specific needs of Coupa customers, Blue dot offers a cutting-edge deep AI tax compliance platform that provides a 360° view and accurate account of all employee-driven transactions. Incorporating deep learning, natural language processing and advanced data analytics, Blue dot’s all-in-one centralised, standardised and digitalised platform replaces manual processes and reduces errors, providing detailed and comprehensive reporting for Coupa clients with improved visibility and control.

Delivering unprecedented data integrity, analysis and validation, Blue dot’s fully integrated, technology-based and dynamically updated platform delivers comprehensive data extraction, validation and matching and provides up-to-date taxation rules. Automatic identification of VAT-eligible expenses optimizes reclaim potential and tax analysis. The ability to review and cross-check thousands of expense receipts across multiple countries and employees ensures Coupa customers are always compliant with tax and business regulations and meet global business requirements.

Blue dot and Coupa: Transforming business expense management

The Coupa cloud-based business spend management platform enables organisations to manage all their transactions across procurement, payments, and supply chain in real-time. Supported by Blue dot advanced technology that seamlessly integrates with the Coupa expense management system, Coupa customers benefit from an AI-driven platform that provides powerful automation tools to enhance foreign and domestic VAT recovery and global taxable employee/fringe benefits transparency and reporting.

The Blue dot-Coupa advantage is a winning combination that accelerates financial processes for effortless tax compliance and automation of VAT recovery and taxable employee/fringe benefits transparency across the enterprise.

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