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As Blue dot’s EMEA Sales Director, Farrukh Iftikhar heads up sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, forging new relationships and locking in opportunities.

Farrukh says he enjoys his work most when he’s working for a company that has a product he personally believes in – and Blue dot is the cleanest fit he’s found yet. He says that he was immediately impressed by Blue dot’s data-driven solutions, which he says was an opportunity that felt far too big to miss out on. In particular, he was attracted by the automatic reporting capabilities – a solution that he says is excellently positioned given the state of the world.

Prior to joining Blue dot, Farrukh worked as the sales director for the Intelligent Self-Service division at Verint. Well before that, just after graduating from university, he worked in a data entry role, manually entering data from scanned invoices into a system. He says that this experience allows him to know – all too well – what kinds of issues are caused when people have to manually enter data – a problem that the Blue dot solution completely nullifies.

Later in his career, Farrukh implemented and sold solutions based around invoice processing, including setting up scanning solutions that spanned multiple countries and included intelligent solutions that worked to minimize human involvement. It’s easy, then, to see why Blue dot proved such an attractive company to him.

Farrukh says he is inspired by people that do more than is expected of them, especially those who act selflessly out of the goodness of their heart. Mothers, he says, are a great example of this – he says many people don’t realize how much a mother sacrifices and does on a daily basis until they become parents themselves.

In his free time – aside from spending time with his very active children – Farrukh enjoys working with his hands. He’s entered the world of DIY and has created several original designs around the home. His favorite craft by far, though, is working on cars. This dates back to his first car, an extremely dated Volvo that he needed to tune into shape. He says he hasn’t been able to put down a spanner ever since. Here are a few other fun facts about Farrukh:

About Farrukh
Favorite movie – The Godfather
Favorite book – Fever Pitch
Favorite food – Peri Peri Chicken (Portuguese)
Favorite song – Give Me Everything by Pitbull (because of memories of a great trip to Cuba that it rekindles)
Favorite color – Red
Favorite animal – Sloth

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