PwC and Blue Dot Expanded Alliance Combines Tax Expertise and Advanced Technology

The Blue dot Team

PwC announces that it has expanded its alliance with Blue dot, a leading tax platform for employee-driven spend for VAT recovery and Taxable Employee Benefits analysis. The expanded alliance combines Blue dot’s AI-driven, state-of-the-art technology suite with PwC’s deep, local tax and automation expertise into a market-leading proposition.

PwC clients will now be able to use the Taxable Employee Benefit platform, with exciting technology features:

  • Reduces the time to source data: API technology connects with the major expenses and ERP systems, reducing the pain of data collection and allowing real-time analysis.
  • Improves data quality: AI-enabled image reading technology enables better quality data, improved validation, and easier manual review, for more robust tax decision-making.
  • Easy to implement: ‘Out of the box’ legislative rules for several countries, which means efficient configuration for each client/ country.

“Today’s businesses expect easy to operate, strongly AI-driven and efficient tech solutions to support their processes from start to finish. The tech solutions need to be effective, processing vast amounts of records and associated documentation at ultra-high speeds. Our goal as a tax platform is to ensure tax, finance and payroll teams have all the tools necessary to make that happen,” said Isaac Saft, CEO and founder of Blue dot. “With a global leading tax advisory partner like PwC, we supplement our technology with the best- in-class local knowledge in tax requirements, advisory and compliance services, giving our clients the streamlined filing compliance procedures they want, while simultaneously freeing up resources to move from manual data sampling to educated decision-making in a highly controlled process.”

“We are really excited about how this alliance can support our clients – whether it is meeting end of year reporting or monthly payroll compliance requirements. It brings the best of both worlds and provides a unique, market-leading proposition to enhance their current processes, create more visibility, controls and efficiency, but above all compliance.” said Rob John, PwC UK Employment Tax Technology lead.

Blue dot has a broad suite of direct native integrations with multiple expense management platforms, such as SAP Concur, Coupa, and many more, which makes it very easy to connect to different data sources. Additionally, clients can benefit from PwC’s specific local market and industry knowledge when implementing and running the Blue dot solution. Clients will also benefit from a global view across all controls in place in the Taxable Employee Benefit process for the corporate employment tax, global mobility, and finance teams.

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